Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am a polar bear!

This past weekend I went down to Sea Isle City, NJ and did the polar bear plunge with my brother in law and his cousin. My balls will never be the same.

Now I initially had no intention on going into the ocean and doing the plunge, I was going to purely spectate, but after drinking from 10 in the morning it started to become a pretty good idea.

There I am standing on the beach with my brother in laws father in my nice warm jacket getting ready to watch these two run into the ocean, one in only a bathing suit and the other in a speedo (picture below), when I decided, "Hey, why aren't I doing this? It'll be a good story at least". And thats when I stripped down to my underwear and joined them. I'm still not sure if this was a good idea or not but damn was it cold... and fun.

Let's just say that my legs went numb from being in the water (or wooder as I say) for about 10 seconds and my balls literally felt like someone was stepping on them. Meanwhile my brother in laws cousin was out up to his neck doing a backstroke. Crazy bastard. Well here are some pics and video I found that we happen to show up in. Enjoy.

Here I am checking out my shrinkage

Here I am picking my ass

Here is my sweet, sweet ass

Here is my brother in laws cousin running in his banana hammock

My brother in law and I running into the water

And another of me running in... I look an adonis don't ya think?

And here is the video I got the pics from.

indeed, an adonis, for sure!
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