Friday, September 28, 2007


Lets knit and bake cookies

Oh sports, you rock my socks. Seriously though this is a great week to be a Philly sports fan. I don't want to jinx a certain baseball team that plays in South Philly and for only 3 more games this season but they could do something they haven't done in 13 years. I saw them lose on Tuesday, missed them tie up the Mets on Thursday (watched on TV) but will get to see them play Friday and Saturday. Both pretty much must win games. I'm hoping to see them clinch something or other... don't. Want. To. Jinx.

This isn;t nearly as exciting as a possible Phillies playoff berth but I got to see a Flyers pre-season win on Wednesday. Pretty damn good seats to I must say. I would hope so because they are a doctors season tickets. Bitch best have some good seats.

Fun fact: I caught a puck with me teeth and I saw two capitals players make out on the kiss cam. It was hottttttt.

I'm not going to get to witness this game in person but the Iggles are playing the New York jerkoffs, also known as the giants. Obviously any time there is division play its going to be a good game, especially with the Giants since they think they actually got a shot at winning. All because the beat the Skins. Assholes... although B-Dawk and Westbrook are banged up. No difference says I. I'm gettin shitty either way... might poop my pants from being so drunk... we'll see.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Balki B

There's no way I can express in words how funny this sh*t is:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


What a creepy kid


I'm booooooored

I've been having a little problem lately and no it is not erectile dysfunction. I've been taking pills for that for months now and can get semi-regular boners. My problem is that I'm bored. Bored of everything. I'm bored of work, going out, going to the gym, running, TV, the Internet, any hobbies I have, playing the drums, everything. I need a new fuckin' Hobie or just something new in my life.

The only thing that I have actually been looking forward to is a change in the seasons. Maybe I can take up rock climbing or bear wrestling, anything outside where I can get in touch with nature maybe? I dont know. Maybe I should do more drugs and just space out instead of dealing with it. Actually, thats a damn good idea except that it would hurt my wallet a little too much.

Well, if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. Seriously anything. Even bullshit ones like ceramics or getting in touch with my emotions, all welcomed. It's too bad no one ever reads this shit or maybe I'd get some comments. Fuckin' communists.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I need money

Over the last 4 days I've spent money on:
Sigh. Once fall officially hits, I'm done spending. Unless anyone wants to make a donation.
Of course you do. I'll set up a paypal account.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Clark, the canadian hockey goalie

This is good shit. Check it.


Take a hike summer

I love this time of the year. I get to wear the same pair of jeans for a month straight and no one even knows.

I get to wear bulky sweatshirts that make my already impressive physique look that much larger and awe inspriring.

I get to wear wool hats, which is good because i look like a badass with that shit pulled all low on my eyes. Old ladies have been known to think about possibly crossing the street when they see me coming.

I get to drink hot chocolate in the morning. I like hot chocolate.

I get to sleep with three blankets on me but still wear shorts.

I get to watch football again and get ready for postseason baseball.

I get to check out all the ladies in thier winter wear. I dig that shit. I really do.

And probably the best part is that halloween is right around the corner which means hay rides, chicks dressing in naughty nurse/cop/teacher/librarian/nun/construction worker/plumber/mortition, pumkin carving and drinking. There isn't really anything special about the drinking but i just enjoy it.

Now that I got all that out, fuck you summer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The funniest video ever recorded!

Wowzers. If you dont laugh at this "guy" then you dont have a funny bone. Best line: "If you mess with Britney, you mess with me." Really strikes the fear of God into you.

Monday, September 10, 2007


The "stop Aaron from bitching" post

I'm only posting something so Aaron stops coming up to me in the hallways begging to post on this damn blog. He begs for me to blog and then begs for my kisses. He's gay if no one knew. Just kidding... as far as I know. Here's some random media!!!!!

Random shooting and one dumb girl who decides to run toward the gunfire.

This lady actually makes Britney seem like a good parent.

This guy is ok. It looks like he went splat but i promise he is fine. Just kidding, he's in a hundred pieces.

I'll try and keep up with ya Aaron but I gurantee nothing. Maybe even next time my post wont just be shit I found on the interweb. Maybe


The weekly "Aaron's still here post"

I have a mosquito bite on the inside of my thigh. How the f*ck does that happen? I don't even wear shorts. It's annoying as hell, like all mosquito bites, and there's something about scratching around your groin that appears to others as totally dirtbagish.

But of course, I can't really be mad at the mosquito for attempting to get so close to the goods.

Signing out while sinking with the ship that is this blog,

Thursday, September 06, 2007

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