Monday, June 25, 2007


Whiskey- the Audible Killer

So this weekend I picked up an acquaintance of mine from a bar on the way to a party and said acquaintance was, shall we say, a little riled up. As in, on the way from the car to the party, she was telling a story at such a volume that we had to stop outside the party to complete it, at which point one of my work colleagues arriving at the party tried to slip past us into the house unnoticed because, and I quote "it looked like she was giving you the business."

Anyway, the next day I asked the aforementioned acquaintance what she had ordered at the bar and she said "it was called a 'Lynchburg Lemonade'- it had triple sec, vodka and....I think Jack Daniels?" And suddenly it all made sense.

So this experience got me thinking about a good story from my (legendary) college days that gives some insight into the auditory power of my good friend whiskey:

Sophomore year, in the dead of freezing Massachusetts winter, me and two of my buddies developed a habit once or twice a week of buying a bottle of Jim Beam and never leaving the dorm that night, instead loudly arguing late into the night about absolutely nothing and blacking out. Example: After one such night, I was in class the next morning (ok, the next afternoon) with a girl that lived at the far end of the hall and she says to me, flatly: "wow, you guys sure disagree about Jay-Z." To which I replied "huh?" and found out that we spent the hour and a half between 1 and 2:30 arguing about Jay-Z loudly enough that the entire dorm heard. Now I don't have a particular problem arguing about something at extreme volume for an hour and a half, and I know my two buddies certainly didn't, but I also know that I don't have any great feeling one way or the other about Jay-Z- so I thought I would run a little experiment and asked both of my friends the next day what they thought about Jay-Z. Appropriate responses given the circumstances would have included:

a) I adore Jay-Z and fully support his self-proclaimed status as "best rapper alive"
b) I hate Jay-Z, and consider him more overrated than Saddam Hussein's capacity to produce and distribute weapons of mass destruction (which was very topical at the time)
c) hey jackass, we spent two hours last night debating Jay-Z, what a dumb effing question

Naturally, the identical response I got from both of them was: "(shrug), he's allright."

Apparently, whiskey makes people feisty.

Seacrest out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Pertty good week

I have to say, I've had a pretty good week so far. Lets start from the beginning. That's right, not the middle, not the end, but the beginning. Which was Thursday the 14th.

Thursday morning, bright and early. Well, maybe not that early it was 9 o'clock but still, early enough. Anyway, at 9 I had my annual review. And it went well. I gots paid mothaf@$kers! I got a nice raise and rubbed it in every ones face. This was followed by the only bad thing all week. I was suppose to be off every Friday in June but was told I somehow messed up and now have no Fridays off. Not even the day I had tickets to the Phillies afternoon game. Which reminds me, anyone want want tickets to see the Phils vs. Mets?

Back to the good shit. That night myself and some co-workers (to those reading this, hi co-workers) went out for my birthday and $1 tacos. Overall good time. I got to drink a 40 for the first time in years. Nothing really crazy happened though, so no good stories. Unless you consider me home in bed by 12 to be cooky. You do? Well your boring.

Friday to Saturday is my favorite weekend of the year. My family reunion in Wildwood crest. There was over 208 Jmoney relatives in one spot. Half of which I couldn;t even name. Does it matter? No. I still stayed up till 5 in the morning drinking with anyone who was awake. You might be saying 5 isn't really that late and I would normally agree except I had to be up at 6 to go golfing. I'm a terrible golfer so this wasn;t all that fun. I couldn't get back to the hotel and start drinking again soon enough. We got back around 1 and I finished my case of old man beer at 2 (thats high life). How could this be? I only drank for 3 hours the night before and no one else drank this shit. Do I drink this much when we go out? Somethings off here.

I guess that's really it. Throw in some horseshoes, hanging out with my immediate family, milkshakes and more beer and you have my Thursday to Wednesday.

I only came home today because I think I might have to work on Friday. And after that its right back down the shore. Holy shit do I hate the city in the summer. Name me one good reason to be here besides going to work, which isn't good but necessary. Oh, that's right. You can't jerk. Fuck you Philly.

Here's me with a 40


Vote Pacman Jones in '08

At this point, I think I want to get his jersey.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Videos good. Thinking of stuff to write about bad.

Yup. Nothing to talk about but I have stumbled upon some good videos that I feel the world should see. That's right, the whole world. Except the girl in the cube next to me. She is not aloud. Enjoy.

This kid is my hero. I hope my nephew turns out this cool.

As a drummer this sort of thing happens to me regularly. Its honestly not a big deal. Those damn kids just act like a bunch of pussies. Pussies says I!

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